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Steps to find out the Best Pilot training school for Russian students

Unlike any other student doing any educational program, the people aspiring to become pilots need to find a good Pilot training school, which can help them to fly the planes. There are different types of pilot license training programs, which include the private pilot license, commercial pilot license programs, frozen airline transport license, multi engine pilot license, certified flight instructor license, etc. Deciding upon the best kind of pilot training school for the Russian students can be a daunting task. However, selecting the right pilot training academy is very much similar to choosing the best kind of college for any other faculty. By carrying out your due diligence over the pilot training schools you are interested to attend would certain secure you from choosing the par pilot training school.

The first step is being conscious while you choose the school. 
Be careful while you choose the pilot training school. There are certain schools, which are seen taking advantage of fine print clause while enrolling any new student. This simply means that they only cater you some set pilot training course packages for specific pilot trainingcourses with predefined course criteria and the line item charges including pilot supplies, flight hours, pilot uniforms, flight fuel, flight simulator, class training etc. There are other pilot schools, which charges additional charges if you take long time with your pilot courses.

Step two is to check the flight instructors. 
Most of the time when visit any flying institute, you would often see the absence of instructors who all are often not accessible. Do keep in mind that you always find the instructors and talk to them. This way, you can have the idea of their quality in the chosen visited school. In case you fail to talk to them, you have simply chosen not to find quality teaching at the end.

Step three is to check the airplanes and the jet availability.
You are supposed to choose a pilot trainingschool, which has loads of modern aircrafts for training purposes. If you see around some old or obsolete kind of aircrafts, you are bound to find less quality results. Hence if you enter into any pilot training school, which comes with fewer amounts of aircrafts, this simply means you are increasing both the cost and time to get the pilot license program.

Step four – check the payment procedure: 
Any institute, which demands the entire payment in advance, means something fishy is there in it. So better avoid such school as there are cases of schools taking the complete payment and run away with the same. 

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Reviews on bluebird flight academy

When it comes to finding a reputed flight training school in Canada, one name that soars is that of Bluebird Flight Academy. The institute is known to have highly qualified and experienced flight instructors who all are committed to render the students the highest level of flight training programs. As per the requirements Transport Canada, DGCA, CAAC and JAAC, Blue Bird is considered as one of the known flying schools in Canada, which is not only nationally accredited place but also happens to be a recognized flight school based in Chilliwack Airport of BC, Canada. The fully approved programs as catered by this institute simply help every student to obtain Private & Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine and Recreational License with the desired amount of time duration. The place Chilliwack is popular in Canada for good weather conditions that help people to fly almost each day of the year and thus complete your program much faster and find employment with the airline fast.
If you look at the reviews on bluebird flight academy, the different students passing out from this school has all good things to share about the training programs, which they have gone through. If you dig a deep, you would realize how the programs for different categories in Bluebird Flight Academy are designed. There is no two thought about a fact that for making good career in this field you need competent training school and fortunately Bluebird Flight Academy is known to have some of the best traits one can find anywhere in any other institute. Right from the skilled and experienced flight instructors to resources and quality infrastructure, the school has all the state of art facilities, which is committed to give competent pilots to the flying world.

The Blue Bird has taken all the pains and efforts in designing the program in such a manner, which one is competent to get over the complications of the training very easily within the stipulated time duration. If you go and ask the pass out students of this institute, there would be many to call this school as one of the best flightschools in Canada. Countless souls have pursued their dream and turned out to be a successful pilot. Come with a dream at Blue Bird Academy you end up bring out your lucrative and bright flying future. In other words, the school can be called as one of the best blend of excellent fleet, skilled instructors, competent management, and useful facilities with loads of comfort. 

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Obtaining commercial pilot license in Canada

In Canada, the commercial pilot license is regulated and issued by Transport. Also, Canada is among the leading member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) that happens to be an international regulatory organization for aviation. In order to be a licensed pilot in this country, you are supposed to attain the Aviation Medical Certificate, which is issued by certified Aviation Medical Examiner. This is really one of the vital steps as you will not practice the privileges of the pilot license unless you get a valid aviation medical certificate. The medical certificates are found into four different classes, which include 1, 2, 3 and 4. You are supposed to have your Class 3 Aviation Medical in order to become a commercial or recreational pilot.
In order to begin with, you have the option either to get recreational pilot permit or your private pilot license. The two differ in terms of permit and license. The private pilot license is called as the complete pilot license, while the recreational pilot permit can be called as the introductory private pilot license. When you talk about commercial pilot license, the name itself defines the same. The fact is you can fly professionally and compensated accordingly. The license is compulsory if you are really interested in pursuing the career as the pilot. The key requirement for the license can be fulfilled by the private pilot license.
The costs
The cost of the commercial pilot license can vary as per the type of training you pursue. Usually the average cost of the movie falls in between 30, 000 to 40,000 dollars. The schools usually differ by the type of flight school and the way it consumes you to master the material can be called as the biggest factor, which decides upon the amount of money you need to pay. As per the specific requirements are concerned, the minimum age is of 18 years old. As far as the medical requirements are concerned, you need to have Class 1 Medical Certificate forthe commercial pilot license.

For the ground school requirements, you should complete 80 hours of private pilot ground school instruction. In order to qualify the written test exam for the commercial pilot license, you should achieve a minimum score of 60 percent. Whereas the flying requirements are concerned, you should have completed at least 200 hours of flying time, you should have successfully passed a flight test as the pilot in command with a year since the application date you made for the commercial pilot license.

Friday, 23 May 2014

A guide on finding out the right Pilot Training school in Canada.

When it comes to choosing any pilot training school in Canada, it can be called as a very personal issue. Perhaps the best school for any one candidate can be a wrong option for the other. Well the fact is you can find a number of sundry factors, which can define which school or the kind of school is among the best for each and every person. One of the most vital things you need to remember while deciding upon the right flight training school in Canada is that no single institute will allow you to skip directly to the flying for the planes.
When it comes to choosing the pilot training school in Canada, you have different options. The first one could be the school, which falls under the category of traditional flight school, which is not backed by any accredited university or college. The next comes in the form of college program which contracts out the flying portion of its program that comes in the local flight school.  The next option comes in a form of college program, which operates its own fleet of planes. Lastly, it comes via the university program, which contracts out with the flying portion of their program with the local flight school.
Well, you still have the question, which one of the option is the best. Indeed the one that comes with the university degree can be called as the best choice. There is no doubt to the fact that a training program, which is recognized from the university, can be called as the best option for the students in Canada. However, if you are looking out for a quicker program, you are supposed to invest more. Though the higher cost may or may not assure you for a quality aviation program.  The fact of the matter is, you can enjoy loads of benefits of getting the aviation degree, which you can avail not only in the form of money and but also in terms of stability in your career. However, you may worry about the cost factor a worrying option, yet opting for any institute, which caters degree at affordable price can really help you a lot.
Taking up any accelerated program from any local flight school can be called as the best way to find degree, which can help you in finding a good start in this domain. However, this may cost you, so if money is not an issue, you can certainly opt for the said program.

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Towards finding out Cheapest Pilot Training School

Making career in aviation industry is an expensive affair especially when you talk about pursuing the dreams of commercial pilot. If you talk about getting pilot’s license it can cost you around 12k to 15k dollars. However, students have the option of reducing the cost involved in different thing and thus can make things very much cheaper for you. This certainly includes finding cheapest pilot training school. Despite having the over inflated fees advertised over the TV and Newspaper ads, you still can find affordable schools for the same along with reducing the cost you incur at various levels. There are many tips to reduce the cost involved in it, which include ensuring that you have less amount of time to take up the lessons at least once in a week can be called as the other vital factor, which has to be included in the cost. Well, let’s find some tips and ideas of reducing the price and finding things at lower prices in the following paragraphs:
Select the pilot training school, which allow you to carry out the bookwork on your own instead of giving you extra to pay the money for an extra hour for the base school instruction. The Part 141 schools are among the FAA certified and does need more amount of ground school instruction hours. The Part 61 schools can be called as more lax and hence are seen allowing the students to carry out most of the bookwork at their end and thus only allowing you to pay for the actual flight instruction time duration. Some of the Flight 141 schools too are seen allowing the students to work under the rules of Part 61.
Try to find out inexpensive planes, which come in small size rather than getting the bigger ones. If you check the Flight School Blog, a Cessna 152 could cost you around 100 dollars per hour in order to use the instructions, which is comes par as per the FAA, which can really save loads of cost.
Take responsibility in learning and studying the things very hard rather than going in a callous way. Make sure you understand the things you learn along with retaining the written info and instructions very carefully. You should retain all the information smartly and should practice them while flying the planes on your own. Legally you can take a flight test for the maximum of 40 hours, which is only possible when you study hard to and do things with greater responsibility.

For more on Cheapest Pilot Training School visit the website -

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How can you choose best flying school?

It is crucial for any aspirant pilot to choose the right and only the right flight academy in order to transform himself into a well trained and skilled pilot. Well, in a way, you can compare every flight academy as a transformer, the one which transforms an ordinary student into a pilot; however, it is only Blue Bird Flight Academy which transforms an ordinary student into an extraordinary pilot who has no aim less than ruling the sky. Finance, location, instructors and the learning environment are a few things considered by every aspirant pilot. But if this is all what most of the flight academy commit to deliver, what is it that makes this very academy stand out amidst its competitors? 

Blue Bird Flight Academy has been the pioneer Flight Academy in delivering the utmost quality services to the students, albeit accommodation, training or any kind of assistance post training. Keeping the student's interest has always been its sole interest. In order to yield efficient pilots, it is very imperative to build the trainee-instructor relationship, which Blue Bird Flight Academy has been doing sincerely for that last seven years since its establishment. The well-trained, qualified and friendly staff members make this place like there is no place like this 'home away from home'. 

Blue Bird Flight Academy is a renowned name in the field of aviation industry in North America, the reason being; its ultra modern set of fleet and its unmatchable training. Blue Bird Flight Academy has its own fleet consisting both single-engined and multi-engined. The Chilliwak Municipal Airpot, where Blue Bird Flight Academy is located gives 24 hour access to the trainees. Freedom to choose his own training hours and of course his own instructor among the staff lets every student learn in a very comfortable way, which leads to the optimum utilization of his potential.  

Most of the aviation academies limit their services only to train students to become Commercial Pilots and Private Pilots. Accompanying the students in their journey to clear Commercial/PrivatePilot License Examinations but Blue Bird Flight Academy is that name in the industry which helps the students to not only get the best pilot training but also assist them in obtaining the pilot license. This reduces the burden off the shoulders of the students to clear the examinations on their. 

Another important aspect that one needs to keep in mind is the finance. Blue Bird Flight Academy provides excellent services and quality training to its students at a very affordable price. Apart from ones personal expenditure, the fees include every minor to major needs of students, which otherwise is not provided by any other flight academy. These very unparalleled facilities provided by Blue Bird Flight Academy makes it one of the best institutes in the  field.

Wish you luck with your choice! 

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Commercial Airline Pilot

Apply Online for Fetching Job as Commercial Airline Pilot

With the advent of the World Wide Web, it has become possible for people to accomplish most of their tasks right from the comfort of home. No more one has to visit anywhere. It is just a few clicks that can help you in accomplishing most of the tasks. Aspiring pilot candidates can now make the most of their time by simply applying for Commercial Airline Pilot online.  Online application process is very simple and fast and will be taking relatively lesser time of the applicant. In addition, you will get all the necessary information under one roof without having to run here and there.
If you are someone who is considering fetching a job as airline pilot then all that you are needed to do is browse the website of the airline and identify their career section. Once you have located this career section, you will be easily able to find the application form that you have to fill all the necessary details asked.  Now, all that you are needed to do is follow instructions that are given on the website to ensure that you are able to provide all the necessary information. Make sure that you fill complete as well as genuine details. In most of the cases, you do not have to print this form; just online filling will help you.  However, there is very possibility that you might make mistakes while filling the online form. So, better be alert while doing so. Read all details carefully before start filling the form.
Given below are some of the most important tips that will help you in filling the application form for the post of CommercialAirline Pilot.
Accuracy – The key to fill any kind of application form, be it offline or online, is correctness. It is always better to reread the application time and again before you end up submitting it. Make sure that you check the online application for spelling errors and any field that you have missed out along with other elements that might lead to the rejection of your application.
Contact Information – Although it is one of the most common tips and usually people are aware of it, providing all correct contact information is a must. Make sure that you provide correct contact number, mobile number, mail id and address for further communication.  
Completeness – It is a general rule that one should fill out all the necessary information on the application form. And, when you are applying for commercial pilot then do check thrice the completeness to avoid any hiccups later. As a matter of fact, you should fill N/A in spaces that do not require your attention.  
Once you are done with the process of submission of online application form for the post of Commercial Airline Pilot, it is suggested that you wait for some time to get update.
Summary – If you want to get a job as Commercial Airline Pilot then all that you are needed to do is fill the application form on the website of airlines you want to apply with.

Bluebird flight academy Chilliwack good option in Canada??

I Michael Pakkam blue bird alumni is been asked this question by almost everyone around me that is blue bird flight academy a good option in Chilliwack Canada .
Answer - yes , I am a ex student of Bluebird flight academy I underwent commercial pilot license training at this college back in 2012 . This college means a lot to me as without them I would not have been able to live my dream of becoming an airline pilot and flying for worlds leading airline Emirates . This college has all the qualities which one the best flight school should have , starting from beautiful facility , experienced flight training staff , world class aircrafts , placement assistance , reasonable cost and easy installment system. There are very little schools in the world who have around 92-93 percentage placement record like Bluebird has .
Flight training standards are very good here all flight training licenses can be attained in reasonable time
Private pilot license in about 2-3 months
Commercial pilot license from 0 hours to cpl in 6/7 months
Multi-engine rating in about 20 days
Instrument rating in about 20 days

Another special thing about the school is that it is been operated like a proper full time school not like a club or party place   .
If your dream is to become an airline pilot then there is no better place than Bluebird  flight academy on earth for earning your wings .

Hope my post will help inspiring pilots to take there first step towards aviation right . As first step will take you towards your goal much quicker .

Friday, 16 May 2014

looking forward to join blue bird flight academy !

Blue bird flight academy Canada is one of the most famous name which every aviator would now , it's very important to know a bit of the flight school and reasons behind why should one join blue bird ??
This school is situated in Canada , British Columbia which is well known for its beautiful weather conditions , environment and beauty . As per research Chilliwack is regarded as one of the greatest flight training airport s in Canada . Airport is well known as it's not that busy so the difference between flight time and airtime is not more than 0.1 as per Hobbs . Thereby student get more airtime and wastes less time on the ground .

As per me James briglia ( commercial pilot ) blue bird wins because of following reasons over other FTU s -

1. Quality of instructions - this school has all flight trainers who have minimum training experience of 5000 hours .
2. Fleet of aircrafts - blue bird has large fleet of training aircrafts , having Garmin 1000 equipped . They operate with over 32 training aircrafts 3. Safety - most of blue bird planes are installed with stall kit which makes it more safe for student to fly
4. Weather - they are blessed with around 360 days fly able weather unlike other parts
5. Accreditation - school is nationally accredited and internationally recognized
6. Trained over 1200 plus airline pilots till date
7. Placement record - around 96 percent of blue birds graduates are working with worlds leading airlines
8. Tie up - about 20 plus airlines approach blue bird every year for hiring pilots

Any one you want s to learn commercial pilot training from one of best flight college he/ she should surely contact This college .

Flight training is one of most specialty Canada has , over the year s Canada has produced worlds best pilots .

Cheers !

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Commercial pilot license

These days many counselor d have noticed while counselling the 12th grade students or graduates they have dream to become a pilot , as the sector is growing day by day more and more students are getting catches towards commercial pilot license . This is a license which allows an individual to be in charge of the aircraft , see the world from it's very top in return he / she have financial benefits .
Commercial pilot License can be attained on both single engine and multi engine aircraft but few exercises can be performed only on single engine aircraft like power on stall s , spins . As no civil aviation authority allows these maneuvers on a twin engine aircraft .
Commercial pilot training can be taken in countries like Canada , India , USA , Australia , UK etc . Cost varies from country to country . In Canada it would cost 40000-45000 usd , India - 46000-52000 usd , USA - 42000-48000 usd , Australia - 50000-53000 usd , UK - 75000-80000 usd in order to attain commercial pilot license (0-200 flight hour training )  .
Flight training standards are same in more or less in all different parts of the globe . Time to complete the training varies country to country , in Canada - 7- 9 months , India -2 years , USA - 8-10 months , Australia -14-15 months , UK 15-18 months to complete entire pilot training course .
All countries have different aviation regulatory bodies like in Canada - transport Canada , India- DGCA , USA - FAA , UK - jaar . There are some countries whose license is valid and given recognition in all ICAO countries very famous country  is Canada .
Lot of students from India , UK , Europe , Australia , NewZealand , go for there commercial training in Canada .
I would suggest a student to do a research and then enrol with flight academy . As this will help you attain your dreams faster and get a a job quicker if that is your goal !
Financial help is also available for this course as it's career oriented in nature and salary paid is quiet high than many other professions so many financial institution s are catering the commercial pilot students .
In case of international students - many school s have approval to issue letter of acceptance and I -20 given by visa authorities so they can avail the facility by requesting the school.
Conclusion- as the sector is exoteric inv big time boom more and more students are following this carrier . Very well known highest paid profession these days .

Blue Bird Flight Academy, Chilliwack Good Option In Canada ??

I Captain Micheal Pakkam , has been asked above question several times . I hope my answer today will help most of the potential aviators around the would . BLUEBIRD FLIGHT ACADEMY, CHILLIWACK ,CANADA is one of the most popular choice for Commercial Pilot Training these days . As per my information school has produced over 700 plus successful airline pilots from all over the globe . over 92%to 93% Blue Bird graduates are working with world s leading airlines all across the globe . As per recent survey we all came to know that why does Blue Bird graduates get placed with airlines before other airline students .
reasons -
1. flight training standards at Blue Bird are very high ,which helps them to compete hard with other academy graduates
2. trained on latest technology aircrafts
3. experienced with GARMIN 1000 training
4. experienced with different kind of weather conditions
5. well prepared for airline written exams
6. comfortable with different kind of maneuvers
7. trained and comfortable with high class flight training  airport
8. well prepared for interview and group discussion round

School is best known for flight training , specializes in providing Commercial pilot training , Private pilot training , Multi engine rating , instrument rating , Recreational license .This flight school has flight instructors with over 5000 hours of flight experience , latest training aircrafts which help the student to get through airline checks easily . I joined Blue Bird Flight Academy on reference of my friend Ronny Kolman in 2011 . i completed my COMMERCIAL PILOT LICENSE with the school in just 7 months after that i continued with my flight instructor course at the school . This helped me to get placed with the school as a PILOT . My experience with whole team at Blue Bird was amazing , one of the best time of my lifetime . I still miss those days , wish to get back to the school life again .

Conclusion - Blue Bird Flight Academy is one of the best flight training unit in today's world , if you really want to be a Commercial pilot , this school is your best bet .
I would not have been here if Blue Bird was not there , thanks for everything