Friday, 16 May 2014

looking forward to join blue bird flight academy !

Blue bird flight academy Canada is one of the most famous name which every aviator would now , it's very important to know a bit of the flight school and reasons behind why should one join blue bird ??
This school is situated in Canada , British Columbia which is well known for its beautiful weather conditions , environment and beauty . As per research Chilliwack is regarded as one of the greatest flight training airport s in Canada . Airport is well known as it's not that busy so the difference between flight time and airtime is not more than 0.1 as per Hobbs . Thereby student get more airtime and wastes less time on the ground .

As per me James briglia ( commercial pilot ) blue bird wins because of following reasons over other FTU s -

1. Quality of instructions - this school has all flight trainers who have minimum training experience of 5000 hours .
2. Fleet of aircrafts - blue bird has large fleet of training aircrafts , having Garmin 1000 equipped . They operate with over 32 training aircrafts 3. Safety - most of blue bird planes are installed with stall kit which makes it more safe for student to fly
4. Weather - they are blessed with around 360 days fly able weather unlike other parts
5. Accreditation - school is nationally accredited and internationally recognized
6. Trained over 1200 plus airline pilots till date
7. Placement record - around 96 percent of blue birds graduates are working with worlds leading airlines
8. Tie up - about 20 plus airlines approach blue bird every year for hiring pilots

Any one you want s to learn commercial pilot training from one of best flight college he/ she should surely contact This college .

Flight training is one of most specialty Canada has , over the year s Canada has produced worlds best pilots .

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