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Get Commercial pilot training in Canada to get a good start in your flying career

Canada is known to have open wilderness areas encompassing vast interiors, which often would require good number of pilots to fly in and around its vicinity areas. Hence the career of commercial pilots is often a lucrative option to try in this country. There are number of airlines companies looking forward to hire competent commercial pilots for their aircrafts and flights. And one of the best way and rather the only right way to enter in this career option is to get your commercial pilot training program in Canada at some of the best institutes. However, before you head to this career and enter into this domain, make sure you check important elements of commercial pilot training and then enroll the said program to become an ace pilot.

An overview of Commercial pilot training program 

If you look at the commercial pilot license training program it is divided into two major sections- the ground school and the flight component. The ground school comprises of 80 hours of training, which helps you in preparing to write your exams and theoretical exams. In order to become a licensed pilot to fly commercial aircrafts you are supposed to undergo 200 hours plus of flight time, whereas for the completing your commercial training you also need a good night rating too along with the multi engine instrument rating.  Some of the hours would be carried out with the help of instructors but a majority of all would be carried out using the time building hours whereas you are supposed to build up your own valuable experience.

The Perquisites 

There are certain prerequisites of this training program, which you need to note before you head for this training. First thing first to enter into the commercial training program, you should have the valid private pilot license, secondly your age should be at least 18 in order to pursue this training program and without this age limit it would be rather difficult to go for the same. Yet you may find certain institutes allowing the training program but later after its competition you are supposed to wait for the right time or age in order to apply for the said license.   Lastly you also have to check for the medical requirements as well, wherein you are supposed to have category 1 Medical requirement.

The Course Requirements

One you suffice all your prerequisites of the said course, it’s time to check out the course requirements, which you would be covering in the commercial pilot training program. As per the minimum transport Canada requirements, you are supposed to undergo the minimum of 200 hours of total flight time in which 100 hours goes for the pilot in command or the PIC session, 20 would be allocated for the cross country session, while 25 hours in this training program would be allocated for instrument time. This will include all the previous acquired hours in your training program.  In the remaining 100 hours of training 45 hours would be devoted to instructions, 5 would go for night and 2 hours would be reach out to night cross country, 5 hours would be for cross country, 20 hours for instrument, 30 hours for solo things, which include the 25 hours of improving general flying skills, 5 goes for the hours night and the rest 10 hours is devoted for ground school.

The duration of the training 

The total duration of the commercial pilot training program at any competent institute would last in between 6 to 12 months depending upon the fact whether the students are full time or the part timers. Once you enroll and pass through the number of training hours allocated for this training program, you are then supposed to qualify the written exams and the flight tests as per the Transport Canada. Once you qualify these exams, you are all set to get your commercial pilot license, which open up the gate to apply at a number of airline companies both in Canada and abroad.

The privileges 

Once you become the holder of the commercial pilot license, you get the authority of operating any Canadian registered single engine non high performance flights or aircrafts. The companies often hire in the VFR conditions. You get the option of flying the VFT over the top, which you need to fly at night and day as per the requirements and opportunities coming in your way.


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