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Commercial pilot license training in USA

An Overview

The career of commercial pilot happens to be very much lucrative in the US and other countries. In order to make your career in this segment, you are supposed to first get your commercial pilot license, which comes via a comprehensive training program. These include hundreds of on training, qualifying a number of exams and get different licenses, which can help you in moving up over the ladder. The flying commercial airlines all over the US can help you in finding the most exciting career option, provided you have the passion in flying and suffice the requirements. Once you do that you are all set to make a good opening in this field and gradually rise up at the peak of your career. Well, let’s dig the topic commercial pilot license training in United States and have the overview of the same as under:

Where to start?

That’s an important question to answer. Well in order to fly in the US, you are supposed to be certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This body is responsible in giving you the commercial pilot license here. As per the Pilot Career Center, the very first step that you are supposed to check is to take up the discovery flight, which is basically a 30 minute introduction to the world of aviation. It would be really simpler to test, which will help you in knowing whether or not flying can be your career option. As per this body (PCC), in order to get the FAA Pilot Medical, do make sure you are able to medically fly the plan without any threatening conditions. Once you clear the medical test, you would then have to qualify the private pilot certificate. As per this body, in order to get the private pilot certificate, you are supposed to log in between 45 and 80 flight hours and then have to pass the FAA writer and flight exam. For learning the instrument rating, which is usually followed after the PPC (Private Pilot Certificate), will help you in learning to fly the instruments way inside the cockpit rather than referring to the horizon. Once you learn and master the instrument rating you then would get the Commercial pilot certificate.

Check the requirements

For getting the commercial pilot license, you first need to have the private pilot license. And as discussed, you would also need your instrument rating, which will go as per the limitations you have. If you are keen to fly the multi engine aircraft, you would then require multi engine rating. Some of the key requirements, which you need to suffice, go this way. You need to be 18 and above, should be fluent in English (reading, writing and understanding), hold the PPC, pass out the practical test on the aeronautical knowledge, log 250 hours of flight time for multiple or single airplane rating, log 150 hours flight time for gyro-plane or helicopter rating and pass the practical test. The character traits that you need in order to become a commercial pilot could include- discipline, taking criticism, being personable, has the tendency to stay calm and relax working under stress, should have the flexibility over your lifestyle, could hear the protection in order to protect you from the loud sounds and noises.

The commercial pilot certificate

As per the PCC, the commercial pilot certificate would only help you to get paid when you are flying the airplane and you are not allowed to give the permission for the training in order to fly any commercial flights. The training stands for 200 to 250 hours, which cover the advanced maneuvers and theory. By having this certificate you get the option of working as a single engine charter pilot or could even become a flight instructor. According to the PCC, you can have your further education and thus get the multi-engine rating followed by getting multi-engine instrument rating. A majority of fixed wing aviation companies would carry the multiengine aircraft. You are supposed to obtain your commercial pilot certificate much before you enter into the airline transport pilot license, which comes out to be the forthcoming step in order to promote as a commercial airline pilot. The final step comes in the form of getting the transport pilot license, which simply can allow you become a commercial airline pilot anywhere in the United States. As per PCC, you get a minimum slot of 1500 flight hours, which are further divided into night, cross border, night cross border and instrument hours. For this you are supposed to complete your two part written test and then qualify the extensive ground briefing and of course the flight exam.


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