Thursday, 15 May 2014

Commercial pilot license

These days many counselor d have noticed while counselling the 12th grade students or graduates they have dream to become a pilot , as the sector is growing day by day more and more students are getting catches towards commercial pilot license . This is a license which allows an individual to be in charge of the aircraft , see the world from it's very top in return he / she have financial benefits .
Commercial pilot License can be attained on both single engine and multi engine aircraft but few exercises can be performed only on single engine aircraft like power on stall s , spins . As no civil aviation authority allows these maneuvers on a twin engine aircraft .
Commercial pilot training can be taken in countries like Canada , India , USA , Australia , UK etc . Cost varies from country to country . In Canada it would cost 40000-45000 usd , India - 46000-52000 usd , USA - 42000-48000 usd , Australia - 50000-53000 usd , UK - 75000-80000 usd in order to attain commercial pilot license (0-200 flight hour training )  .
Flight training standards are same in more or less in all different parts of the globe . Time to complete the training varies country to country , in Canada - 7- 9 months , India -2 years , USA - 8-10 months , Australia -14-15 months , UK 15-18 months to complete entire pilot training course .
All countries have different aviation regulatory bodies like in Canada - transport Canada , India- DGCA , USA - FAA , UK - jaar . There are some countries whose license is valid and given recognition in all ICAO countries very famous country  is Canada .
Lot of students from India , UK , Europe , Australia , NewZealand , go for there commercial training in Canada .
I would suggest a student to do a research and then enrol with flight academy . As this will help you attain your dreams faster and get a a job quicker if that is your goal !
Financial help is also available for this course as it's career oriented in nature and salary paid is quiet high than many other professions so many financial institution s are catering the commercial pilot students .
In case of international students - many school s have approval to issue letter of acceptance and I -20 given by visa authorities so they can avail the facility by requesting the school.
Conclusion- as the sector is exoteric inv big time boom more and more students are following this carrier . Very well known highest paid profession these days .


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