Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Is Blue Bird flight academy Canada - a trustworthy name in flying school?

This question is written by a new pilot training students he wanna ask from me "BLUE BIRD FLIGHT ACADEMY IS BEST FOR MY FUTURE"? 

The answer to this question is yes. Blue Bird Flight Academy Canada remains the top flying school in the country in many ways. When you have hordes of other institute too in the country then why Blue Bird seems to steal the show is a big question. Well, as you dig deep into it, you would end up getting into the believe that Blue Bird is not only good but the best institute to cater a number of pilot training programs in the country.
First things first, let’s check the institute. Right from the infrastructure to location and resources this pilot training school happens to be number one. Having based at Chilliwack Municipal Airport in BC, Canada, it has one of the best weather conditions, which remain favorable for flying training round the year. The institute has been backed by state of art facilities and equipments, which play a pivotal role in proper and effective training. The fleets are of par quality in terms of highly maintained ones to the par quality with ace performances.

As far as the instructors are concerned they happen to be among the skilled and experienced ones discovered in Blue Bird Academy. These people are known for their knowledge, skills, expertise and experience, which help the trainee pilot to learn and master the flying skills for all types of license training programs.  There are number of students and working professionals at different airline companies who can vouch for the quality and high end training program of the institute. All these factors together make the institute a credible place for your pilot training program.


  1.   Looking out for a flying school in Canada, you can find a couple of them in the list, however, finding the right one is really difficult. I was keen to find some institute to get my PPL, however, I was struck as to where I should head for the training program pertaining to my PPL. With few searches and positive reviews, I ended up finding the one called Blue Bird Flight Academy. I researched about it all length and breadth of the web to find out people talking about it and a majority of them have positive reviews about the same. Right from the infrastructure, to instructor, fleet, resources and other things, everything really seemed perfect for me. Once I enrolled for the PPL program, I really ended up getting the right training, which helped me to get my private pilot license with ease.
  2.  With the search of a good CPL program in mind, I started my search by visiting my favorite place on the internet called Google. As I was searching for a goodinstitute in Canada the very first name that clicked over the search results was that of Blue Bird Academy. It is based in Chilliwack, which happens to be the idea place in terms of weather conditions for flying to rich infrastructure and good number of fleet and experienced instructor I made my mind to join the said program here. Later when I joined, I was really thrilled to get one of the best training, which helped me to find a right placement in one of the leading airline companies. Now I am an established commercial pilot, thanks to Blue Bird Academy that shaped my career so perfectly. I highly recommend this institute for people looking for any good flying school in Canada.



  1. Sir this post is so beautiful and very informative.

  2. Yous post is mind blowing. And yes Bluebird is best no doubt any time.

  3. Bluebird is a school you can trust upon.

  4. I heard that blue bird launched there latest garmin 1000 cessena 172.

  5. I love your reviews, this is very helpful for mah future.

  6. very very very good and true post. Like it.

  7. Atracrive post for students.

  8. John Nagy bluebird u r the best.

  9. Best airport in world - Canada.

    1. Yes chilliwack Canada Airport is very clean & beautiful.

  10. Would recommend Blue Bird Flight Academy to anyone....

  11. BBFA works hard to get pilot’s careers started.


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