Thursday, 15 May 2014

Blue Bird Flight Academy, Chilliwack Good Option In Canada ??

I Captain Micheal Pakkam , has been asked above question several times . I hope my answer today will help most of the potential aviators around the would . BLUEBIRD FLIGHT ACADEMY, CHILLIWACK ,CANADA is one of the most popular choice for Commercial Pilot Training these days . As per my information school has produced over 700 plus successful airline pilots from all over the globe . over 92%to 93% Blue Bird graduates are working with world s leading airlines all across the globe . As per recent survey we all came to know that why does Blue Bird graduates get placed with airlines before other airline students .
reasons -
1. flight training standards at Blue Bird are very high ,which helps them to compete hard with other academy graduates
2. trained on latest technology aircrafts
3. experienced with GARMIN 1000 training
4. experienced with different kind of weather conditions
5. well prepared for airline written exams
6. comfortable with different kind of maneuvers
7. trained and comfortable with high class flight training  airport
8. well prepared for interview and group discussion round

School is best known for flight training , specializes in providing Commercial pilot training , Private pilot training , Multi engine rating , instrument rating , Recreational license .This flight school has flight instructors with over 5000 hours of flight experience , latest training aircrafts which help the student to get through airline checks easily . I joined Blue Bird Flight Academy on reference of my friend Ronny Kolman in 2011 . i completed my COMMERCIAL PILOT LICENSE with the school in just 7 months after that i continued with my flight instructor course at the school . This helped me to get placed with the school as a PILOT . My experience with whole team at Blue Bird was amazing , one of the best time of my lifetime . I still miss those days , wish to get back to the school life again .

Conclusion - Blue Bird Flight Academy is one of the best flight training unit in today's world , if you really want to be a Commercial pilot , this school is your best bet .
I would not have been here if Blue Bird was not there , thanks for everything




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