Wednesday, 21 May 2014

How can you choose best flying school?

It is crucial for any aspirant pilot to choose the right and only the right flight academy in order to transform himself into a well trained and skilled pilot. Well, in a way, you can compare every flight academy as a transformer, the one which transforms an ordinary student into a pilot; however, it is only Blue Bird Flight Academy which transforms an ordinary student into an extraordinary pilot who has no aim less than ruling the sky. Finance, location, instructors and the learning environment are a few things considered by every aspirant pilot. But if this is all what most of the flight academy commit to deliver, what is it that makes this very academy stand out amidst its competitors? 

Blue Bird Flight Academy has been the pioneer Flight Academy in delivering the utmost quality services to the students, albeit accommodation, training or any kind of assistance post training. Keeping the student's interest has always been its sole interest. In order to yield efficient pilots, it is very imperative to build the trainee-instructor relationship, which Blue Bird Flight Academy has been doing sincerely for that last seven years since its establishment. The well-trained, qualified and friendly staff members make this place like there is no place like this 'home away from home'. 

Blue Bird Flight Academy is a renowned name in the field of aviation industry in North America, the reason being; its ultra modern set of fleet and its unmatchable training. Blue Bird Flight Academy has its own fleet consisting both single-engined and multi-engined. The Chilliwak Municipal Airpot, where Blue Bird Flight Academy is located gives 24 hour access to the trainees. Freedom to choose his own training hours and of course his own instructor among the staff lets every student learn in a very comfortable way, which leads to the optimum utilization of his potential.  

Most of the aviation academies limit their services only to train students to become Commercial Pilots and Private Pilots. Accompanying the students in their journey to clear Commercial/PrivatePilot License Examinations but Blue Bird Flight Academy is that name in the industry which helps the students to not only get the best pilot training but also assist them in obtaining the pilot license. This reduces the burden off the shoulders of the students to clear the examinations on their. 

Another important aspect that one needs to keep in mind is the finance. Blue Bird Flight Academy provides excellent services and quality training to its students at a very affordable price. Apart from ones personal expenditure, the fees include every minor to major needs of students, which otherwise is not provided by any other flight academy. These very unparalleled facilities provided by Blue Bird Flight Academy makes it one of the best institutes in the  field.

Wish you luck with your choice! 


  1. Of course bluebird flight academy is awesome,

  2. You can choose your flight school from student reviews.

  3. More than 5000 school's providing flight training courses but bluebird is come in top 10 pilot training school because it is best.

  4. Couldn’t imagine a better place for flight training than BBFA.


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