Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Do the Indian Airlines Hire CPL License pilots?

The answer is yes. Many Indian Airlines companies including the Indian Government owned group Indian Airlines do require commercial pilots on a regular basis. If you are among the Indians and want to pursue your dream for becoming a commercial pilot to reach out to the highest point of your flying success then make sure you undergo a competent commercial pilot license training par with the requirements of these companies. In order to land up in Indian Airlines, it is vital for you to get trained at Government Aviation Training Institute usually called as GATI. GATI is a government owned flying training institute, which was established with a vision to cater quality commercial pilot training programs to the aspiring pilots.

GATI has been known for catering some of the best and advance level ground and flying training to all the aspiring aviation professionals in the Indian aviation industry. The institute serves as a one-stop solution for pilot students, right from the scratch to getting the commercial pilot license.  Since it is a government affiliated institute the course fee here is nominal as compared to the private owned aviation schools. Besides, you have a number of other facilities to enjoy while availing the CPL training program at this place. These include faster bank loan processing for your fees, better recommendations, which help in getting good openings in aviation industry for the trained pilots, scholarship provision and other similar things.   

Once you enroll in the CPL program here, you are supposed to cover a number of subjects, which include the Air regulations, the aviation meteorology, air navigation, technical aircraft training both general and specific, the air navigation, GATI offers audio video projection training CBT that comes with the state of art facilities and with par international standards of aviation fraternity. Once you finish your training, you can apply for the commercial pilot license, which is often materialized with the help of GATI itself. Once you get the license, you also get good references and recommendations from this government owned flying institute, which will help you in getting a faster employment in various Indian airlines companies.

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