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Recreational training program from Bluebird lands you up for a bright future

As the name of the course itself suggest, the recreational pilot training is for people who own planes or charter flights and for people for whom flying is nothing but a recreational or leisure issue. This is not meant for career but for the recreational purposes. If you are simply interested in flying in order to enjoy your personal gratification instead of making money then this option is really very much vital for you. This course is certainly not for people who are interested in making career in this field. For this, you are supposed to then the commercial pilot license program. The Recreational training in bluebird is really very much beneficial for people looking out to fly high for recreation. 

What can you do with Recreational pilot program?

A recreational pilot permit simply entitles you in order to fly using the airplanes with one maximum number of passenger over the board and that too for the day time duration (hours) and of course with the right kind of weather conditions found in Canada. This license would not allow the holder for additional endorsements including the instrument or night, which the PPL caters but it does permit you for the float endorsement.  With the completion of this program, you can apply for Private Pilot License.

The Prerequisites of Recreational license

The applicant should be Canadian citizen; lawful person admitted in Canada for flight training purpose and comes for the landed immigrant. The age limit you need to accomplish this training should be of age 14 years to complete the solo flying option, while you need to be the age of 16 at least for getting the recreational pilot permit.

Medical requirements

You need A category 4 or higher for the medical requirement, which when it comes to issuing about the recreational pilot license. This medical category could be carried out via any general practitioner (GP). The medical exams is not often required in order to start the flight training from Bluebird, however, you need to have it before you fly solo over your private owned aircraft.


The students should need a minimum of around 60 percent on various subjects, which comes as a practical and written examination. You are covered for subjects like Navigation, Air Law, Aeronautics, GK, and Meteorology. The ground school course simply render excellent instruction in such subjects and many more. Luckily if you pursue the training program from institutes like BlueBird Flying Academy, you end up getting knowledgeable, which is one of the vital features of the training program accomplished at this place. 

The skills

Once you complete this training program from the Bluebird Academy, you be then required to appear for the flight test, which is carried out by Transport Canada Designated Flight Test Examiner. These include both the flight tests and oral exams. Fortunately, BlueBird Academy is competent enough in terms of giving the best recreational training in Canada.  Once you complete the training program, you end up getting the right skill sets, which makes you competent enough to fly your charter plane.


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