Monday, 9 June 2014

Courses offered by Blue Bird Flight Academy

While most of the aviation schools around the globe are centered to one or two courses for they are more oriented towards profit earning. It is very important for any pilot trainees to explore opportunities to learn more apart from the course they have chosen to pursue. Blue Bird Flight Academy gives a buffet of courses to the trainees who come to its doorstep. Most importantly, Blue Bird Flight Academy strictly follows the rules and regulations of ICAO and gives aviation training as per the guidance of Canada Transport.

With a set of experienced and qualified trainers and instructors, Blue Bird Flight Academy has been giving skilled and well-trained commercial pilots to the Aviation Industry. Depending upon the requirement and interest of individual student, Blue Bird Flight Academy gives 200 to 240 hours of Commercial Pilot Training excluding the ground trainings.

Instrument Rating:
Instrument Rating is an important part of piloting. The profession of a pilot calls for perfectionism and undoubtedly like every other training Instrument Rating is equally very important. Blue Bird Flight Academy ensures that the students enrolled receives ample know ledge about instrument rating. 

Multi-Engine Rating:
Why is Multi-Engine Rating important? In order to fly various types of aircrafts with multi-engine. Blue Bird Flight Academy understands the difficulties faced by the students of the other academies, when they sit on the cockpit of a real heavily engined passenger aircraft. To help its students circumvent such situations, Blue Bird Flight Academy gives training in Multi-Engine Rating.

Night Rating:
Once a student enrolls at Blue Bird Flight Academy, he does not have to worry about flying in darkness. The academy has proven to assist students in every way to obtain the best training possible. Night Rating is on the key priority list in this very pilot school.

Private Pilot Training:
We have a separate team to look after Private Pilot Training to ensure that what we deliver is only of the best quality. Private Pilot Training being of a short duration, the faculty and the management of Blue Bird Flight Academy do their best to provide additional flying hours to build up strong and skilled Private Pilots.

Recreational Pilot Permit:
Blue Bird Flight Academy not only trains the people interested in flying as a pleasure but also helps them obtain their permits to fly. A Glider Pilot can be taken as an example of the Recreational Pilot.

By now, it is very reasonable and justified to derive the reason behind Blue Bird Flight Academy being listed among the top 10 flight academies of North America. Blue Bird Flight Academy is always willing to deliver the best training possible along with an over-all development of the students while keeping their future needs under prime priority.
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