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Pilot training in India

If you love rising high in the sky, you should definitely choose the career of commercial pilot. If you are
keen to become pilot then you certainly need a good training school along with knowing and exploring
all about the basic details you need to enter into this domain. In India, the career in aviation industry is
often an expensive affair, thanks to the exorbitant amount of fee structure the institute demand from
the aspiring pilots. However, with certain student aid and scholarship programs, competent students
can end up doing this program to make a lucrative career in aviation industry. Let’s explore the pilot
training in India as under:

The basic requirements

In order to make your career in this field, you are supposed to check whether you suffice to the basic
requirements of the same. You are supposed to have cleared the 10+2 exam with at least 50% of marks
in subjects like Physics and Mathematics. Your age should be minimum 16 years for PPL program, while
for commercial pilot license you need to be at least the age of 17. Thirdly, your vision in one eye should
be perfect. Generally speaking the medical terminology, the 6/6 eyesight falls under this category.
While in the other eye, if you have any imperfection, make sure you correct the same for 6/6. Lastly, the
general physical fitness is compulsory; you should be free of any such disease, which can hamper your
normal functionality.

The student pilot license

You should appear for written exams in air regulations, air navigation, air technical and aviation
Meteorology. You should get a medical fitness certificate from a certified doctor who is designated
by Director General of Civil Aviation. In India, you have two bodies- the Air Force Central Medical
Establishment in New Delhi and the Institute of Aviation Medicine, Bangalore, which are authorized in
order to give you the medical fitness certificate. You are supposed to appear for an oral examination
followed by an aptitude test. Once you clear the medical, you simply end up getting the SPL. For all the
damages, you should furnish a bank guarantee of Rs. 10,000.

The Private Pilot License 

After the post attaining the SPL, you would be assigned an instructor, which will be responsible in giving
you the flying lessons. Here you would be taught the fundamentals of flying and your instructor would
accompany you over the flights. Once you complete 15 hours of flying with your instructor or the dual
flying you would fly solo and thus even can go cross country. In order to get your PPL, you are supposed
to play the minimum of 60 hours, which will include 20 hours of solo flying and 5 would be cross
country flights. You would also need to require for written theory examinations in the subjects like Air
Regulations, Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Seamanship and Aircraft Engines. You are supposed
to obtain the medical fitness certificate from the IAM or AFCME. You should be at least 17 years old, you
should have passed the 10+2 exam with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with at least 50 percent
marks. In order to get this license, you require 60 hours of flying, while the total cost for getting the
same would be 200,000 INR.

Commercial Pilot License 

This license is among the most vital ones, for which the minimum age requirement would be 18 to 30
years. You are supposed to require a minimum of 250 hours of flying in order to get the license. In 150
hours, you have to be solo flying, 25 hours would be cross country, while 10 hours would be instrument
flying and the remaining 5 hours would be flying during the night. A medical certificate for IAM or
ACFME and the theory tests in Air regulations, Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, planning and
technical are the vital aspects of the process. You can find the private helicopter license if you complete
the 40 hours of flight training with 15 hours of solo flying. The written exams on the basic aviation
subjects need to be taken up. The moment you are done with the CPL, you then have to head to multi
engine training. This will include 7-10 hours of multi engine training over particular aircraft, while your
endorsement for the flown aircraft.


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